Transition Town Montpelier May Newsletter

Transition Town Montpelier

From Oil Dependency to Community Resiliency:
Bringing the Head, Heart, and Hands of Communities Together
to Relocalize and Reskill

*May 2015 Newsletter*

Transition Town Montpelier Events

Transition Speaker Series: Thursday, May 21, 6:00 -7:30 at the Hayes Room, Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier.

Perennial Vegetables and Beyond: Growing Food, Growing Soil & Sequestering Carbon

Many folks who grow their own food have some perennials (fruit trees, asparagus) in addition to their annual vegetables. Our landscapes and tables can be further enriched with a whole host of lesser-known perennial vegetables. These long-lived plants are low in maintenance, high in nutrition, can grow in more marginal conditions than annuals and often have robust root systems which make them resilient to stress. Because the earth doesn’t need to be turned each year, perennials are better able than annuals to enrich the soil and alleviate climate change by pulling carbon from the air and storing it in the ground. We will also explore the larger question of transitioning to a more perennial-based diet, and have time for questions.

Through Walking Onion LLC in Montpelier, VT, Aaron offers design, installation, education and plants for regenerative, edible ecosystems.


Community Events

StrawCell – Open House.  Saturday May 2nd 12 noon- 4pm.  125 Ennis Hill Rd. Marshfield, VT
A newly redesigned straw bale wall system – StrawCell, can be seen in a recently completed project in Marshfield.
Meet the NewFrameworks team who designed and built it.  This wall system is made of R40 strawbale and R10 cellulose with a clay/lime plaster barrier.

Your Investments Matter: Personal Divestment Seminar
Saturday, May 2, 3:30 – 5 PM seminar, 5 – 6:00 PM reception.  Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, 60 Lake St., Burlington.  350 Vermont and are sponsoring a Personal Divestment Seminar with Dan Quinlan of, Tom Francis of Fossil Free Indexes, Karin Chamberlain of Clean Yield Asset Management, Harris Roen of The Roen Report, and Jake Ide of Vermont Community Loan Fund.  The event will be live streamed at:

Granite City COOP Comedy Show:  Celebrate efforts to open a local grocery store in downtown Barre.  Saturday, May 2nd, Expresso Bueno, 248 N. Main Street, Barre.  Comics from around Vermont.  Hosted by Hunter Williams.  Raffle to win a share of Granite City Grocery.  $12 general public, $10 Granite City COOP members.  Admission is free if you buy your COOP share at the door. Vermont Carbon Risk Forum
Tuesday, April 28th6:30-8:00 PM
Unitarian Church of Montpelier

Film Screening: Tierralismo Stories from a cooperative farm

Tuesday, April 28, 4:00 PM, Livak Ballroom, Davis Center, UVM, 4th floor.  Tierralismo: Stories from a Cooperative Farm is a documentary about the history and practices of one of Cuba’s most successful urban farms, the Organoponico Vivero Alamar (Alamar Organic Cooperative).  Tierralismo introduces viewers to agronomists and senior management, as well as the workers who plant, plow, and propagate. What began as a necessity—farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers—has become a source of pride to co-op members. The film shows how they fertilize with compost and cow manure, raise their own insects for biological pest control, and have even created a fully biodegradable alternative to the plastic bag for use with seedlings.  The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Isis Salcines, one of the co-founders of the Organoponico. More about the film…Sponsored by Americas Media Initiative, Vermont Caribbean Institute, UVM Food Systems Initiative and UVM Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group.

2015 Spring Grow It! Workshop for Garden Leaders, Barre Town, Vt. – May 7th
Presented by Vermont Community Garden Network in partnership with Charlie Nardozzi
Join garden leaders from your region for this workshop on strengthening your garden’s leadership and network of support. Learn strategies to boost your garden programs, share stories and ideas, and celebrate this growing movement.
The spring workshop in Barre Town is Thursday, May 7, from 4:00-7:00pm, including a hearty snack.  The workshop will take place at Barre Town Middle & Elementary School at 70 Websterville Rd., Barre, VT 05641.  Registration is $30 per workshop.  VCGN members are eligible for discounted registrations.  Learn about the VCGN membership program and sign-up before you register for the workshop to receive your discount at  Sliding scale option also available.


CarShare Montpelier: CarShare Vermont is Here. This is an important step to making Montpelier an awesome place to live, even if you don’t have a car. Why own a car, which sits on average 98% of the time, when you can share? If you are interested in this service, click here to learn more, or sign-up!  If you work in Montpelier, and your employer could use this service, please spread the word.  On March 25, the Montpelier City Council approved the parking spaces.  One is on School St and the other on Blanchard Ct.  Car-Share volunteers will be at the Farmer’s Market on May 2.
Regional Transition Update:  We are not alone.  Several of us from Transition Montpelier traveled to Keene, NH recently to meet with other Transition Towns, sustainability groups, local food groups, and timeshare organizations from all over New England.  Work is starting on a website and mapping project to help us connect and work together.  Check out the Map of all the related organizations.  If you are vacationing in New England this Summer, think about visiting one of these groups.  The Transition US website is also a good resource for finding and connecting with other Transition Towns.

Community Gardening Barre
Gardeners in Barre are rebuilding the Highgate Apartments community gardens raised beds on Wednesday May 13th from 9am to 5pm. Youth Build, the Good Food Good Medicine Program and resident gardeners will be pitching in as well as other interested community members.  Please help if you can.  Contact Sandra Lory via email.


Montpelier Farmer’s Market
The outdoor market is each Saturday 9:00 to 1:00. – See more at:

Transition Town Montpelier is a Member of Onion River Exchange, our local timebank working to create a network of people who make a commitment to sustainable communities by exchanging every variety of service with each other, from aerial silk dancing to canning lessons to companionship. Find out more about your local timebank:, 802-552-3040.

Energy Descent Action Plan
Transition Montpelier has formulated an Energy Descent Action Plan. Click HERE for a one-page summary. Click HERE for the longer written version.

Check out the Transition Vermont Facebook Page here.

The Curse of the Golden Turnip with farmer Alan LePage
Horticulture, invaluable gardening information, soil building, community call-in show.
WGDR, 91.1 FM Plainfield and
Sundays, 6-9 am

Relocalizing Vermont with Carl Etnier
WGDR, 91.1 FM Plainfield and
Thursdays, 9:00 – 10:30 am


If you know of someone who would like to join this list, or if you would like to be removed from the Transition Town Montpelier email list, please email .

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