Transition Town Montpelier November Newsletter

Transition Town Montpelier Events

Food for Thought – Food For Life Movie and Panel Discussion:  Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 6:00 PM Thursday, November 19. We want our food fast, convenient and cheap, but at what cost? As farms have become supersized, our environment suffers and so does the quality of our food. Food for Thought, Food for Life explains the downsides of current agribusiness practices, and also introduces us to farmers, chefs, researchers, educators, and advocates who are providing solutions. The film is both poetic and practical; its powerful examination of the connections between our planet and our well-being is accompanied by specific strategies that protect both. With an eye towards a sustainable and abundant future, it offers inspiration for communities that are ready to make a difference.  The film will be followed by a panel discussion, including Ali Zappiro from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets, Katie Spring from Goodheart Farmstead in Worcester and others.  See the trailer HERE.

New England Regional Transition News

The New England Resilience & Transition Network is a network for grassroots groups working on Community Resilience, Transition, the New Economy, Environmental Justice, Permaculture, Renewable Local Energy, Local Food, Sustainability, Time Banking, and More.

The NERT network is ready for some action! On Monday, November 16, NERT members will gather in Boston to discuss moving forward to accomplish our goals. This will be a working meeting, focusing on action outcomes.

NERT Action Planning Meeting
Old Oak Dojo
14 Chestnut Place, Jamaica Plain, Boston MA
Monday, November 16, 10am – 2pm
In-home hospitality is available on a first come, first served basis
$10 donation requested to cover the cost of lunch

You are invited! – To RSVP email Sarah Byrnes (

In keeping with our goals, we will focus on fostering inter-connection among initiatives and with other networks, and creating a Common Story or Identity for the network and anyone else seeking to create a just, sustainable region. This Common Story can also serve as a vision, propelling us toward the future we want to co-create.

Community Events

3rd Annual 350VT Meeting

Saturday, November 7th in East Randolph for the 350 Vermont Annual Meeting as we reflect on this past year’s work and plan for this coming year. We’re looking forward to a full day of workshops, dinner, campaign updates, annual report, and art build fun!

WHEN: Saturday, November 7th from 2:30 on

WHERE: East Randolph Community Hall, 168 route 14 East Randolph, Vermont


2:30pm: Workshops on carbon pricing, divestment, and more!
4:30pm: State-Wide Meeting
6:30pm: Dinner & Art Build

Please RSVP ASAP (Deadline was Oct 30)

 Transportation Board in Central VT to Discuss Public Transit and Life Without a Car

The Vermont Transportation Board at 6 p.m. on November 17 will hold a public forum in Central Vermont designed to engage the public in a conversation about navigating Vermont without a car. Topics include public transportation, the future or passenger rail, the proliferation of car sharing, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and how the legalization of marijuana could affect highway safety.

The forum is one of six the Board is holding around the state, and will be held at 6 p.m. Thatcher Brook Primary School Library, 47 Stowe Street in Waterbury, VT

Recent trends indicate that both nationally and here in Vermont people are driving significantly less than they did a decade ago, and that their transportation priories differ from those seen in years past. The Board wants to discuss this with Vermonters to determine how future transportation policy can be shaped to best position Vermont to meet their needs and remain both a safe and attractive place to live, work and raise a family.

For those who cannot attend, comment can also be submitted via email. For more information, please visit the Board’s website at


CarShare Montpelier:

CarShare is great for Montpelier and its residents.  This service reduces the number of cars in the downtown area.  Downtown is loaded with cars and parking lots, detracting from its charms.  Dan Jones wrote a great piece for VT Digger that shows just how much of downtown is dedicated to cars.  Many households have two cars when they could have just one.  If your household gets rid of a car, you will save a lot of money, but you will also get other benefits.  You will walk and bike more, which is healthy.  You will take public transportation, which allows you to work, read, or nap while you are travelling.  But you may get into situations where two people need the household’s car at the same time.  CarShare gives you access to a second car when you need it.

CarShare VT has a special offer.  The $30 application fee will be waived if you join by November 6.  Use the promo code: MONTPELIER.

Since the launch, over 80 Montpelier residents have joined CarShare Vermont.  Let’s keep up the momentum and make this pilot project a huge success! If you’d like to get involved, please email or call (802) 861-2340.

Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan – Comment

Vermont is updating its Comprehensive Energy Plan and the period of comment is coming to a close on November 9.  If you want the state to take action on climate change, please let them know.  If you have an opinion on renewable energy, conservation, efficiency, and the environment, this is your chance to have input.  Click HERE to comment.

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