July 2017 Newsletter

Transition Town Events

Transition Town US National Gathering

Transition Towns US will be holding its first national gathering July 27 – 30 at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota.  There will be a two-day intensive, Thursday, July 27 and Friday, July 28, with one and two-day workshops; followed by the main program consisting of keynotes and 40 one to two hour workshops on a variety of topics related to building resilient, sustainable communities.

For the full program visit:  https://www.transitiongathering.org.

Community Events and News

Tomorrow: The Movie
This movie is playing at the Savoy this week.  It was previously shown at the Green Mountain Film Festival. Its “Tomorrow” and it has a bunch of really optimistic stories about changes taking place at the local level around the world. The film even includes Transition founder Rob Hopkins talking about how they created local money in Totnes. Show times can be found here.

TOMORROW – Trailer

Say Hello to the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition

It has been four months since the Sustainable Design Competition, hosted by Net Zero Vermont. Many people participated in this process by reviewing proposals, attending presentations, and voting. Hundreds of people provided thoughtful reactions to the designs over the course of the competition.

The winning design was awarded to Team Bridges. The majority of the votes were divided among the other four design finalists. These teams deserve our praise as well, for the useful ideas that they provided. The big takeaway from the collective responses is that people support the sustainable redevelopment of our downtown, the transformation of our parking system, and greater access to the riverfront.

“What next?” Your response will provide a partial answer, because YOU are what is next. The sustainable redevelopment of Montpelier is a massive undertaking requiring the action and support of the whole community. This is not an urban redevelopment project, rather a “change agenda” which will lead to new ways in how we will live, shop and travel in the future.

To help translate local interest into concrete future projects, the organizers of the competition have formed a new non-profit – Sustainable Montpelier Coalition (SMC). Its Mission is to enable a high quality of life experience in Montpelier by modeling energy independence, economic opportunity, climate resilience and community interaction.

This summer the coalition will be asking you for input and giving you opportunities for participation. This transformation will work because of your involvement. As a community we have many gifts, talents and resources.  The coalition looks forward to engaging your passion, wisdom and talent. Together, we can build a future for Montpelier not only for our future, but for our children’s children and beyond.

If you have any questions, ideas or wish to commit to this effort, please send an email to info@sustainablemontpelier.org.

Prospect Rock Permaculture Classes

July 16 – 28  10th Annual Farm and WIlderness Permaculture Design Certificaiton Course
More info at https://prospectrockpermaculture.wordpress.com/

Vermont Featured in Post Carbon Institute Article
Vermont is a leader when it comes to setting goals to reach a more resilient future.  Read more about it here.

Mountainsong Expeditions

This summer we’re offering our very popular Running With Artemis course in a weekend intensive format (July 7-8), which is perfect for people who live far away or have a professional schedule that prevents them from attending our usual Monday afternoon series. Come learn to shoot a bow and arrow while running a 5k and awakening your wild Artemis self!

More info:

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