About Transition Town Montpelier

Mission Statement of Transition Town Montpelier

Transition Town Montpelier’s mission is to engage the wisdom, skill, and spirit of the community to increase resilience and cooperation in response to the extraordinary challenges and opportunities of peak oil, climate change, natural resource depletion, and economic instability.
We do this through education, open forums, visionary planning, and hands-on projects focused on re-localizing and re-skilling, and by collaborating and celebrating with community members.
Together we reinvent vibrant communities that sustainably meet human needs and regenerate healthy ecosystems. We work collaboratively with other groups for mutual learning and support. Our activities focus on the greater Montpelier area, and we also are working toward the eventual formation of a statewide Transition Vermont.
We recognize that were all in this together.


Monthly Newsletter

Transition Town Montpelier organizes events throughout the year, but we take some time off during the Summer to tend to our gardens and enjoy the warm weather.  Our newsletters will inform you of any upcoming Transition Town Events, and related community events or new items.  To sign up for the monthly newsletter, send an email to transitiontownmontpelier@gmail.com.


Speaker Series

Transition Town Montpelier organizes a speaker series.  These events occur on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00.   The location is normally at the Hayes room of the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.  Our speakers have included many locally and internationally known experts in permaculture, cooking, building, agriculture, climate change, simple living, resilience, gardening, and more.


Facebook Page

Transition Vermont has a facebook page where members post events, pictures and news.  This is a great way to see what is going on in our region.  We often see posts from local organizations announcing classes or sales.  Members dig up interesting articles related to transition and peak oil.  Check out the facebook page here.


Energy Descent Action Plan

A committee of Transition Town Montpelier developed an Energy Descent Action Plan.  This is a regional plan for Central Vermont.  Transition Town Montpelier believes that dealing with peak oil and climate change effectively requires new skills, new food systems, a sharing economy, and changes to our lifestyles and culture.  A one-page summary is on our website, a longer version can be found here.

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